Instagramming Photos of Food Isn’t Sexy

A wise woman named Kim Kardashian once said, “Instagramming photos of food isn’t sexy.” I believe that not only the 100 million other Instagram users will disagree but still life artists from the eighteenth century like Henri-Horace Roland de la Porte will also disagree. Still life paintings, like those of Henri- Horace Roland de la Porte consist of artifacts from “rustic peasant life,” like food and drink. These paintings are known to represent a way of life without the presence of people.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 8.30.31 AM

Today, everyone has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc and the people who use those sites would rather represent their way of life with a selfie. Something that is not a new trend on Instagram is finding a picture on Google and Instagramming it to make it their own. The use of symbolism agrees with the still life artists of the eighteenth century but now, the people of Instagram are using symbols to create a lifestyle that is not necessarily theirs. This is no different from people using Photoshop to make themselves thinner, have whiter teeth, or clearer skin to create a ‘more attractive’ representation of themselves. With the rising use of people lying to create a new online identity, I predict that people will no longer want to leave their homes and will eventually end up ‘Catfishing’ everyone they encounter or they will live their lives like this guy.

Krawitz, Marilyn. Journal of Law and Medicine. 21st ed. Vol. 4. Fermantle: PubMed, 2014. 859-874.


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